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File Specs

Please read below our specifications:

Acceptable programs: 

 Adobe Photoshop CS6 and  Adobe Illustrator CS6 (or earlier)

Indesign CS6 (or earlier)

PDF /X1-a

.tiff     .jpg    (must be high resolution)

Please Note: We do not accept Microsoft Word, Excel, Publisher files.

Getting the best quality out of your print:  If you require a high quality print that will be viewed from 1 metre or closer, then for the best results please supply the file at 300dpi (including images within artwor) at 100% of the size required (including bleeds if required).  For artwork that will be viewed from a distance (3m or more) eg Billboards, files can be supplied at 50% of the size at 250-300dpi.

The Do's and Don'ts of file preparation:

DO supply all embedded and line files.

DO convert all text to paths/outlines or supply all fonts for the job (PC only)

DO make sure all overprints are turned off.

DO use Patone colours if you require colour match, or supply us with the CMYK values.

DO supply the file with appropriate bleed:  Billboards 100mm all round, banners, 50mm, all other files 10mm all round (background colour only).

DO use high resolution document raster effects when generating PDF's

DO NOT use images dragged off the internet or use bitmap / giff as they are to low a resolution file.

DO NOT use CMYK effects with transparences on RGB objects  (eg 75% Black drop shadow on an RGB JPEG).

DO NOT use different ICC Profiles between working spaces  eg if using Photoshop in US SWOP coated v2.icc ensure that Illustrator or InDesign is using hte same profiles.


Set up layout files in the correct proportion. Please work at a scale of 1mm = 10mm at approx. 300-350 DPI, particularly for larger files. Small to medium size files can be saved at 25 – 50% and a higher DPI.

If supplying a PDF file please supply this at 400DPI, CMYK set-up to the correct scale and as we can not alter these files easily please allow a 50mm – 100mm (depending on size of print) bleed on the background colour only.

Scan from the best artwork possible. (Scans from printed material such as newspapers, business cards, magazines etc are not recommended.)

Supply logos as editable Illustrator or Freehand EPS files where possible.

Please supply a printout of the files you sent us (colour if possible). Please note due to the inconsistent nature of the colour inkjet or laser prints we do not consider them to be an accurate colour guide. If you require us to match particular colours, then please provide us with PMS Pantone colours that we can match to.


The Final Check:

Before sending your final arwork please go through the checklist.  This helps us speed up productions and ensure your signage, digital print etc is of a high quality.

Text is converted to paths / outlines or fonts supplied (PC only)

All spelling and grammar is correct.

Images are in there correct position and links supplied

Bleed is added (if required).

Overprints are off

Saved in the appropriate format

Saved at the correct size (or percentage).

For further information or assistance please don’t hesitate to contact us.

Phone (03) 366-5524 Fax (03) 365-2373

Email: sales@actionsigns.co.nz (or your Sales Consultants email address)

Credit Appilcation / Terms and Conditions

Please click on the link below to view our Term and Conditions and Credit Appilcation.

Download Term and Conditions and Credit Appilcation