File Specifications

Please Note: We do not accept Microsoft Word, Excel, Publisher files.

Getting the best quality out of your print: If you require a high quality print that will be viewed from 1 metre or closer, then for the best results please supply the file at 300dpi (including images within artwork) at 100% of the size required (including bleeds if required). For artwork that will be viewed from a distance (3m or more) eg Billboards, files can be supplied at 50% of the size at 250-300dpi.

Please supply a high resolution PDF.

Images should be supplied in Vector or Raster format at 300 dpi or a minimum of 150 dpi for prints larger than 600mm.

CONVERT ALL TEXT TO PATHS / OUTLINES or supply all fonts (Windows PC Fonts only).

Make sure OVERPRINTS are off.

Add Bleed to your print, 10mm is enough all round except for Billboards and banners, we need 50mm as a minimum. See our guidelines for these in our Templates.

Please Check that all SPELLING and GRAMMAR is correct.

Any problems please contact your Account Manager or Reception.

If a large file either send via We Transfer or download through our dropbox at the top of our website.


Footpath & A Boards
Billboard & Banners
White Ink Samples
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