Lifetime – Lifetime moved premises from Moorhouse Ave to the corner of Colombo and Dundas Street. They wanted a solution with various signage produced in a tight time frame. This was very much a joint effort with us and the customer. We worked together and come up with a great solution. We recommended the fabricated Illuminated letters for the top fascia of the building giving them prominent exposure on the building. Originally we thought one set but they looked so good, Lifetime decided to go with three. We then did three smaller sets for the fascia at ground level by the tenancy. We were asked to give options for Window privacy but still allowing light to come through. Frosted (slightly sparkle) or Dusted Crystal was the best option. We printed a sample on Clear acrylic to show them the effect and they loved the Frosted (Sparkle) look. This was applied on the inside of the windows, facing to the street and internally for privacy along with plain unprinted crystal, both complementing each other. They wanted positive sayings by famous people in boardrooms and offices, our suggestion, profile cut individual cut letters, spray painted with automotive car paint in gloss, in their Corporate colour, flush mounted to the wall. It has been a pleasure working with them and the results are spectacular, see the photos attached. No job is too big or too small for us. Give us a call.